Cop calms kids down after emergency call by playing with dolls

One Virginia police officer not only serves and protects his community, he also plays with the younger members of the town.

Cpl. C.B. Fleming was answering a call of a gas leak at an apartment complex in South Hill, Virginia, last week, WTVR reported.

As emergency crews checked out the area, Fleming noticed kids playing outside. Once he got the all-clear that there was no threat, he wanted to make sure the girls were not scared because of the emergency, so he got on the ground and played dolls with them, according to WTVR.

The video has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

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Iesha Roper-Boswell said Fleming is a superhero to her daughter and the other children who live at Mecklenburg Manor apartments.

Fleming told WTVR it's not out of the ordinary to connect with kids.

"It's something I've always tried to do," the 15-year veteran of the force told the television station. "When I got into this job, I knew there was something different, other than just writing tickets and being the bad person all the time. I figured if I could be that bright spot in someone's day then that's all that mattered."

The neighborhood now has their own personal superhero they can go directly to, instead of being afraid to talk to a police officer.

"For him to make my child feel like she's safe, she doesn't even have to call 911, she just has to call C.B. if she's in trouble. I'm glad he made this part of his job. He's changed my daughter and nieces lives," Roper-Boswell told WTVR.

Credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images

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