Connecticut man accused of throwing knife into open window of another car in road rage incident

A Connecticut man was arrested after police say he threw a knife at another driver in an apparent road rage incident in Massachusetts Saturday.

State police believe it started when one of the drivers cut off the other on the westbound side of the Massachusetts Pike in Auburn around 9 p.m. and then escalated, with lights being flashed, "gestures expressed" and the drivers braking in front of each other.

At one point, a 26-year-old driver, from Wethersfield, Connecticut, allegedly threw a knife at the other car, which traveled through an open window, hitting the driver and passenger. The pair, both from Middletown, Connecticut, suffered minor injuries and told police they would seek medical treatment on their own.

Police said both drivers were interviewed at the scene. The driver accused of throwing the knife, Joshua Garrey, was arrested on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, following too closely, throwing an object on a highway and failure to use care and caution.

Garrey was released on $500 bail with a future arraignment in Worcester District Court.

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