College kid gives shoes to homeless man

University of Tennessee walk-on Garrett Johnson is elevating his title as a "Tennessee Volunteer" to a whole new meaning.

His generosity was captured on video and posted to Twitter.

"I walked to the strip to get food and a homeless man (Lala) couldn't walk because his feet were hurting from the torn shoes he had on," Johnson tweeted. "I told him I would come back and 15 mins (sic) later I did. Don't know those people but I do care. Love. #GBO"

The accompanying video shows Johnson offering two pairs of shoes to the man he identifies only as "Lala."

“These are comfortable tennis shoes,” he says, “They’re New Balances. Do they feel good?”

“Free?” the man asks.


Johnson offers a second pair to a man sitting on a bench next to him as Lala tries on the shoes while sitting on a bench across from a McDonald's. He declines.

Johnson checks to make sure the shoes fit and gives the man with the second pair of shoes. He then shakes his hand and leaves.

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