Cave rescuer needed to be rescued himself after getting separated from group

Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

The rescuer turned into the rescued as a man who helped save a group of soccer players trapped in a cave, became trapped underground in Tennessee.

Josh Bratchley is a professional diver from Britain who helped bring 12 boys and their coach to the surface after spending more than a week trapped in a cave in Thailand, The New York Times reported.

This time it was Bratchley who was trapped Tuesday, in a cave in Jackson County, Tennessee.

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Edd Sorenson reached Bratchley and said he found the man covered head to toe in mud Wednesday, but was calm, the Times reported.

Bratchley had entered the cave more than a day earlier with four other divers, but had become separated from the group and line they were using to navigate through low-visibility of the 400-foot-long, water-filled cavern. The line was broken, Sorenson told the Times.

Bratchley had no food or water while trapped underground in an air pocket. When he came to the surface, the first thing he wanted was pizza, CNN reported.

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