Cat named Paul Newman, lost for 30 days. found 30 miles from upstate New York home

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

This was no cat on a hot tin roof.

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But a frisky feline named Paul Newman in upstate New York was nobody's fool as he went missing for a month. The cat was gone for 30 days and was found 30 miles from home -- on National Cat Day, WROC-TV reported.

The cat was adopted in early 2018 by Jake Gross and Marissa Vincenzi, of East Rochester, the television station reported.

"He was the only cat at the shelter that snuggled right up on our laps when we were visiting everyone, and gave us kisses," Vincenzi told WROC.

“He’s playful when he wants to be, snuggly when he wants to be,” Gross said.

And apparently, adventurous when he wants to be.

The latest kitty caper began Sept. 29, beginning what Gross called the "goose chase of cats."

Paul Newman jumped over fences until he left Gross in the dust.

With cold weather approaching, Gross and Vincenzi kept searching.

"We were just so worried that he was going to be scared and cold," Gross told WROC.

The couple posted notices on online forums and received a call Oct. 29.

“It was a young girl in Brockport. I asked her to send me a picture,” Vincenzi told the television station.

That missing cat was finally spotted, 30 miles from home.

"It was 100% organic, whole grain Newman," Gross told WROC.

Paul Newman's exodus was finally over, and the cat, was reunited with the couple and a dog named Maisie.

Now that the cat is home, Gross and Vincenzi are keeping closer tabs on him.

"House arrest for life," Vincenzi told WROC.

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