'Batman' escorts bullied 3-year-old to preschool

When you're little and being bullied, you may need some big backup.

A 3-year-old girl from Crystal River, Florida, was being physically bullied by classmates her mother said.

Erica Calculli said her daughter Lydia had bruises on her face. She thought it was just kids playing. But recently, Lydia came home with a black eye. She told her mother that classmates were hitting her and one threw a shoe, WTSP reported.

Calculli told school officials, but said nothing was done.

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She posted what had happened to her daughter on social media and the plight caught the attention of Batman.

Not Bruce Wayne, but instead Jack Asbury.

Asbury calls himself "The Batman of Spring Hill."

Asbury dressed up in his full Batsuit and escorted Lydia to school, holding her hand the whole way into her classroom, WTSP reported.

"While beside her, I looked at (her classmates) and told all of them that she is my very best friend, and I would be back to check on her," Asbury, who is an EMT in Citrus County, told "Inside Edition.".

Calculli said she was upset at how her daughter had changed because of the bullying at her school.

"She started getting violent towards me and I knew that wasn't normal," Calculli told WTSP.

"She's a very smart, bright child and social," she told "Inside Edition."

"It breaks my heart to see that other kids are hurting my baby physically and emotionally," Calculli said.

Since Asbury escorted Lydia to class, the little girl has been moved to an advanced learning classroom and both Batman and the new class have given Calculli hope, WTSP reported.

"I'm really hoping that a new classroom and having Batman by her side, can change the outcome altogether, Batman really saved the day!," Calculli said.

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