Back to School: Stores offer bulletproof backpacks in bricks-and-mortar locations

Parents who are worried about the safety of their children while at school now have a new line of defense easily available at their local stores.

OfficeDepot is now carrying Guard Dog Security backpacks that are called bullet-resistant in the company's bricks-and-mortar stores, as well as online, CBS reported.

The backpacks retail for almost $175 and are made with "nylon fabric and soft tactical armor," according to the backpack's online description.

The company said the backpacks were tested by a third-party laboratory and the lab's report is included with the backpack.

The bag will stop a bullet from a .44 magnum handgun, but it won't stop a round from a high-velocity rifle, CBS News reported.

While OfficeDepot is offering the extra layer of protection, other online companies are offering similar products., based in Austin, Texas, sees an increase as back-to-school shopping begins, The Houston Chronicle reported.

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Roman Zrazhevskiy says he is getting orders mostly from Florida, California and New York from normal upper-middle-class customers, the Chronicle reported.

Not everyone is convinced that bulletproof backpacks are the answer.

Law enforcement told KREM that the bags are not fully bulletproof, but rather bullet-resistant, CBS News reported.

The Chronicle reported that they only give about 25% protection when used as a shield.

Zrazhevskiy counters those arguments saying that "25% protection is better than no protection at all," the Chronicle reported.

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