Alabama boy, 10 returns $900 to woman who lost envelope in Target

A 10-year-old Alabama boy learned a lesson in honesty and integrity Friday.

Foster Dudley and his mother were shopping at a Target in Hoover when he found an envelope with $900, WIAT reported. Along with the nine $100 bills, there was a bank receipt with the owner's name on it, the television station reported.

"His first response was, "Mom, can we keep it?'" Parisa Dudley wrote on Facebook. "I looked at him and asked him to put himself in her shoes.

“What if he had lost that much money. How would he feel? He quickly answered, ‘Mom, we have to find her and give it back.’”

Parisa Dudley's comments were particularly pointed, since she realized from the bank receipt that the $900 represented a significant chunk of that person's bank account, WIAT reported.

“It would’ve been cool to keep, but if I did keep it, that wouldn’t be good for the lady,” Foster told the television station.

The banks were closed, so Foster and his mother contacted the Hoover Police Department and Target’s store manager.

Two days later, the manager, Jeremy Walker, found Verdina Ball and brought her and Foster together Sunday, WBRC reported.

The boy gave Ball the envelope and received a hug in return.

"It was awesome to give her the money back," Foster told WIAT. "I felt very proud of myself and happy that I gave it back, and I felt very powerful after I did it."

Foster did not leave Target empty-handed. The store gave him a $100 gift card for his honesty, the television station reported.

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