Adopted baby boy brought to new family by firefighters

A firefighter’s co-workers are more than just someone they work with daily. They become an extended family.

Now one Maryland couple can thank their station’s brothers and sisters for their new arrival.

Michael Faherty and Karen Faherty met at college. After school, they both served in the Army and finally settled in Baltimore. Michael Faherty is now a firefighter with the Anne Arundel Fire Department, and Karen Faherty is a nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center, WJLA reported.

The couple decided to adopt a baby when they were not able to overcome infertility.

The Adoption Makes Family agency helped them through the yearlong process, according to WJLA.

Saturday it came to a happy and surprise ending thanks to firefighters at the Anne Arundel Fire Department.

The Fahertys thought they were getting a visit from the agency for a final home inspection to make sure their home was suitable if they were chosen to become parents.

Instead, they were greeted by not only a firetruck, ambulance and blazing sirens, but also 30 firefighters. They were there not for an emergency but for a blessing.

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They were there with the head of the agency to bring the new bundle home to his parents, WJLA reported.

Dean Kirschner, the agency’s founder, worked with the Fire Department to make sure the baby’s homecoming would be one the couple would never forget.

"Before you know it, Dean is walking down this aisle of some of my best friends with our son," Michael Faherty told the television station of the moment when he knew what was happening.

Along with the newly named Michael Terrance Faherty III, dad’s co-workers brought them an ambulance full of diapers and other gifts for their latest “recruit.”

Once safely inside with the shocked parents sitting down, Kirschner placed little Michael in Karen Faherty’s arms.

"I did not hand that baby to that mother while she was on the steps, stunned, shocked, filled with adrenaline," Kirschner told WJLA. "I waited until she was inside. Then, when the two of them were sitting together, I placed the baby in their arms."

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