$350K worth of jewelry stolen from Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti in Georgia

Rappers Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti reported that more than $350,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from their Buckhead, Georgia, rental home last week, police said.

The burglary took place Nov. 14 at a 6,500-square-foot house off Howell Mill Road, according to an Atlanta police incident report obtained by AJC.com. The theft was not reported until three days later.

In total, 19 pieces of jewelry were reported as stolen, which add up to an estimated value of $366,000, the report said. The stolen items include diamond rings, platinum bracelets and several luxury watches.

Amethyst Kelly, better known as entertainer Iggy Azalea, told police that she was in the house when she believes the burglary took place, the report said. She was on the first floor, and she told police she heard footsteps on the second floor.

She thought those footsteps were from her boyfriend, Jordan Carter, also known as rapper Playboi Carti, the report said. It was also raining that night, and the back door to the home was not locked so Carter could get into the house.

At some point, the two noticed that a designer bag that they used to hold their jewelry was missing from their dining room, which is on the second floor, the report said. Kelly told police she has surveillance footage of the burglar entering the house, which was provided to officers. That footage has not been released publicly.

According to the outdoor surveillance video, a man entered the home through the unlocked back door, the report said. He was carrying a gun and wearing gloves and a dark mask. The burglar broke into the home just after 9:50 p.m., and he left the home within 10 minutes. There was not a surveillance camera inside the home.

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