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Middletown police: Wheelchair-bound woman sat on Walmart merchandise to steal it

A Franklin woman faces a summons on a theft charge after police say she placed men’s clothing merchandise beneath her on her wheelchair seat at the Walmart at 2900 Towne Boulevard.

Nicky Poteet, age not available, is the subject of the summons issued Friday, according to a police report.

A Walmart loss-prevention employee told police she saw Poteet being pushed around on the wheelchair by Christopher McKown of Dayton in the men’s clothing department.


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“She was taking the men’s clothing items and sitting on them, concealing them underneath her where she was sitting in the wheelchair,” according to the police report. “She then observed Chris McKown push Nicky past all points of sale, failing to pay for the merchandise. That is when they were detained and taken to the loss prevention office.”

According to the report, McKown was told if he returned to Walmart he could be placed under arrest. Poteet, meanwhile, received a similar warning and was issued a summons to appear in court on Wednesday.