MAP: 9 major road projects that are happening in Butler County this year

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Greg Wilkens gives an overview of 2018 road projects.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Orange cones and detour signs will dot Butler County this year with $26 million worth of major road improvements scheduled by the county engineer.

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Here is a list of the some of the most significant projects that will be happening this year.

Roundabout at Hamilton Maason and Lesourdsville West Chester. The new roundabout project is expected to start in mid-June and cost $800,000.

Improvements to Ohio 747. Starting Feb. 12, this project will widen Ohio 747 from Princeton Road to Millikin Road to five lanes and add other improvements like turn lanes and sidewalks. Its estimated costs is about $7.04 million.

Improvements to Princeton Road. Lanes will be added to Princeton Road from Jayfield Drive to Ohio 747. The project is expected to start in mid summer and cost $2.1 million.

Roundabout and improvements to Yankee Road. Improvements will include a roundabout at Yankee and Princeton and more lanes added to Yankee. This project started in July 2017 and is expected to be finished in late May, costing about $4.1 million.

Roundabout at Yankee and Millikin roads. A roundabout will be installed at Yankee and Millikin roads, starting in early June and costing about $800,000. That project could be moved to a later date depending on circumstances.

Roundabout at Beckett and Smith roads. A roundabout will be installed at Beckett and Smith roads.

Improvements to Cincinnati Dayton Road. Work, beginning in the summer, will widen the road to four lanes, add sidewalks and make other improvements from West Chester Road to I-75 at an estimated coast of about $7 million.

Improvements to Fields Ertel Road. Pavement will be rehabbed and lanes will be widened from U.S. 42 to east of Bennington Drive at an estimated coast of $2.1 million.

Interchange improvement at I-75 and Tylersville. Turn lanes will be added to ramps and signals will be upgraded in the project that happen mainly at night and cost $630,000.

Resurfacing of Union Centre Boulevard. The resurfacing will happen from the Fairfield corporation line to Ohio 747 at a cost of about $415,000.

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