Man charged for trying to use debit card of another man, who was in the Butler County Jail

An employee at the Oxford UDF store told police that in the afternoon of Dec. 20 a male had entered the store and attempted to purchase three packs of cigarettes and charge them using a debit card for the $9.44 cost, according to a police report.

When the employee swiped the card, however, the credit card machine told her to confiscate the card. When she asked about it, the customer left the store, the report said.

When the officers were shown surveillance video of the event, they recognized the man. The debit card he had attempted to use belonged to another man, whom they also knew as someone being held in the Butler County Jail.

The debit card was taken into evidence, and the officer returned to the store the next day to pick up a flash drive with the video which was also placed in evidence. Also on Dec. 21, the officer contacted the owner of the debit card, who said no one had his permission to be using it and the last time he had seen the card it was in his residence.

The suspect contacted police later that day and was told to come in to discuss the situation. He did so and made a written statement that another person had provided the card and asked him to pick up some items with it.

The suspect was charged with attempted misuse of a credit card and receiving stolen property and taken to the Butler County Jail.

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