Firefighters rescue teen, her dog Milo from frozen Greene County lake

An 18-year-old woman who saved her dog who had fallen through ice Wednesday afternoon had to be rescued along with the dog when her kayak became stuck on Shawnee Lake near Jamestown.

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Milo is one lucky dog. He managed to get away from his owner, Sasha Day, and then fell through the ice on the lake. But Mary Collins, who lives nearby, noticed something had broken through the ice.

“I watched it and I was like ‘no, that’s a dog.’ And so I got my binoculars and went outside and I said sure enough it’s a dog,” she said.

Collins called 911 around 12:30 p.m. and alerted Day that her dog Milo was struggling to keep his head above water.

“I was so scared that dog was going to die before somebody got to it,” Collins said.

Day broke into ice near the shore.

“I ran across the ice a little bit, but that didn’t work out so well,” she said. “My dad grabbed the kayak. He pulled it out, we got in the kayak, started making our way towards the dog.”

But then, “when she got closer to the dog the kayak went into the water and went off of the ice,” her father, Jay Day said.

Sasha Day was able to pull the dog from the water and into the kayak. However, she was unable to return to shore because the lake is mostly frozen. They waited as crews from New Jasper Twp. came to rescue them.

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New Jasper Twp. Fire Chief Doug McDaniel said two crews were able to get both Milo and Day to shore.

“We train every year for it,” the chief said of water rescues.

Milo and his owner were OK and did not need medical attention.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and swiftly pulled Day and Milo from the lake, and there were no injuries.

Initially officials thought there were two people and the dog in the lake, according to scanner traffic.

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