WATCH: Amazon delivery driver fulfills woman’s request to ‘hide packages from husband’

An Amazon delivery driver is trending on social media for his loyalty to one Texas wife.

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After seeing a message on the woman's doormat that read "please hide packages from husband," he actually took the customer’s message to heart and fulfilled the request.

A security camera outside the home shows the delivery man attempt to hide the package by putting it behind a porch chair instead of leaving it by the door.

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A funny note, the husband still found out about the package. He received a text message alert that a package was delivered.

The husband and wife duo say they had a good laugh over the effort and hope to get in touch with the delivery driver.

The wife wrote on social media, "Shoutout to amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages!!"

The viral video has already been seen more than eight million times on Facebook.

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