5 things to know about new Kings Island roller coaster Mystic Timbers

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Journal-News photographer Greg Lynch and writer Eric Schwartzberg ride Mystic Timbers, the new wooden roller coaster at Kings Island.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Kings Island unleashes new wooden roller coaster Mystic Timbers starting Saturday, a ride that gives it more wooden coaster track than any amusement or them park in the world.

The new ride offers a ride experience that is “fun, thrilling and memorable” for Kings Island guests, according to Mike Koontz, the park’s vice president and general manager.

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“It’s everything a modern-day wooden roller coaster should be, and more,” Koontz said.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Kings Island opens Saturday...here is what to expect.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Here are five things to know about Mystic Timber, a story-driven attraction themed to an abandoned lumber company:

  1. It has 16 airtime hills that wind through wooded terrain and over water along a 3,265-foot-long track at 53 mph before answering the mystery of "What's in the shed?"
  2. Mystic Timbers becomes the 16th roller coaster at Kings Island and the park's fourth made of wood. The addition gives Kings Island a combined total of 18,804 feet of wooden coaster track, the most at any amusement or theme park in the world.
  3. The ride features three trains with the lead car design based on a 1960s pickup truck and will accommodate 24 passengers each with a capacity of 1,200 riders per hour.
  4. Vertical construction started towards the end of last August and was completed at the end of February.
  5. Mystic Timbers was designed and built by Pennsylvania-based Great Coasters International, Inc., which also created three other popular wooden roller coasters in Cedar Fair Entertainment Company parks in California, Minnesota and Missouri.

Mystic Timbers: By The Numbers

  • 3,265 feet of track
  • 109 feet tall at its highest point at the top of the lift
  • 98 feet is the distance of the curved first drop
  • 197 feet is the overall length of the first drop, known as the profile length
  • 53.7 degrees is the angle of the first drop
  • 53 mph through wooded terrain
  • 16 airtime hills/moments
  • 330,000 board feet of southern yellow pine lumber
  • 30,000 pounds of nails
  • 88,000 bolts and washers
  • 5,500 cubic yards of concrete

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