Pawnshop thieves use complex diversion, possible disguises to steal $200K

Police are concerned with a complex robbery at a Marysville, Washington, pawnshop, where thieves set up a diversion to steal nearly $200,000.

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The five people distracted two employees at the counter, while the sixth person went around the corner and entered the office.

Detectives report the at-large thieves were driving a brown minivan. According to the detectives, they may have worn the hijabs as a disguise; many of the women fidgeted with the hijabs, suggesting they were unfamiliar with the headscarf.

Authorities tell KIRO 7 News that this type of robbery, with groups of people distracting employees, is a trend nationwide.

Managers of Jerry’s Pawnshop have since called other shops in the area to warn them about the crime.

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