Richmond school shooting: Suspect in attack ‘not a bad kid,’ student says

A student claims he knew 14-year-old Brandon Clegg, reportedly involved in the Dennis Intermediate school shooting in Richmond, Indiana, on Thursday, as a nice and cool young man.

“He wasn’t a bad kid,” Kaden Baker, 13, told NewsCenter 7’s Gabrielle Enright.

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Baker, a student at Julia E. Test Intermediate School, claimed Clegg was a former student at Dennis Intermediate but dropped out.

He wasn’t sure if Clegg was bullied but said people would make fun of him.

“People would just make fun of his hair and stuff. I don’t know why. It was actually even not that bad,” Baker said. “(Clegg) was actually pretty nice to me. Me and him were cool.”

Baker said during Thursday’s incident, he and his friends checked Clegg’s Facebook page and found pictures of guns.

Clegg reportedly fired at a door to enter the school and exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers, according to Indiana State Police. He died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, ISP officials have said.

Students who spoke to Enright at Richmond High School on Friday told her they just wanted things to be normal.

“I just wanted to come and get an education y’know?” sophomore Nathan Hickman said. “Trying to move on.”

Police provided extra security at the high school and other Richmond Community Schools to help students move on from Thursday’s incident. Extra counselors, such as Peggy Carter, were available for students as well.

Carter said her role is to “give support to the students affected with the lockdown. Then I’ll be going out to see my patients because (Dennis Intermediate) is closed.”

Baker said he was worried about heading to school Friday, but the large presence of police and encouragement from his father, Larry Hogg, made him feel safe.

Hogg was confident in the appearance of law enforcement in the district but believes there is a lesson to be learned.

"Bullying, anything like that, all that stuff got to be dealt with,” Hogg said. “If it's not being dealt with then you can imagine the same thing is going to happen over and over."

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