19 projects in Butler County that are seeking $20M in state help

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

More than $20 million is being requested by Butler County communities and organizations in this year’s state capital budget.

The funds will help nearly $40 million in projects which range from park enhancements and expansion to building improvements.

The capital budget is assembled every two years, and there are no guarantees requests will be granted.

Here are this year’s requests:


Total project cost: $1.84 million

Total capital budget request: $737,000

Harbin Park Loop Trail

This is a $400,000 project with the city asking for $187,000 in funding. The 1.1-mile loop trail will be a paved, multi-use trail along the perimeter of Harbin Park. The project is supported by the community, and identified in several community stakeholder meetings.

Harbin Park Pavilion

This is a $1.44 million project with the city asking for $550,000 in funding. This project has the support of the community and was identified in several community stakeholder meetings.


Total project cost: $180,000

Total capital budget request: $80,000

Monroe Community Park Activity Center

This $180,000 project would remove the existing swings (some of which are approximately 40 years old) and install an ADA-compliant playground with musical components for 2-to-5-year-olds, as well as a nine-station fitness course for adults and children of all ages. They city is asking for $80,000.

City Council have said residents have consistently supported for park development projects throughout the community.

Fairfield Twp.

Total project cost: $325,000

Total capital budget request: $218,000

The Veterans Memorial Park Project 

The township will break ground in 2020 for this project. The township has given a $50,000 maximum contributions according to state law.

The state capital funds will supplement the resources already committed to design and construct the veterans' memorial at Heroes Park.

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Fitton Center

Total project cost: $1 million

Total capital budget request: $565,450

Capital Needs:

The Fitton Center in Hamilton will use the state funds to replace its building control system, upgrade the lights to LEDs, and replace the building’s original air handling units.

Credit: Greg Lynch

Credit: Greg Lynch


Total project cost: $3,392,454

Total capital budget request: $1,507,310

Hamilton Beltline Recreational Trail Phase II and Phase III

The city will construct the and enhance the Beltline Recreational Trail. The 10-foot-wide asphalt trail is approximately 0.8 miles.

The Beltline Recreational Trail will improve the quality of life for our residents, as well as drive positive economic growth throughout the community.

MetroParks of Butler County

Total project cost: $4.28 million

Total capital budget request: $3.69 million

Davidson Woods Enhancement Project

This 910,000 project in Hanover Twp. will provide roadway access, a parking area and trailhead, a picnic shelter, restrooms, a playground, and access to trails. MetroParks is requesting $790,000 from the state capital budget.

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Great Miami River Trail – Middletown to Monroe Segment Construction

The park system is asking for $995,000 from the state capital budget for this $1.19 million project in Lemon Twp. Funds will pay for the design and construction of a 1.7-mile multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trail route from the current southern trail terminus at Ohio 73 south to the northern boundary of the city of Monroe, where another 2.5-mile segment within the city of Monroe is already funded and moving through the design.

The GMRT is the spine of the Miami Valley trail system, which features the nation’s largest connected network of paved trails at 340 miles.

Voice of America MetroPark (VOA) – Athletic Complex Playground Project

The proposed $300,000 project will build upon the previous $8.5 million investment in the VOA Athletic Complex, providing a playground for families visiting the complex for major regional tournament events, as well as for local residents.

The $240,000 in capital budget funding would result in an immediately usable asset in West Chester Twp.

Voice of America MetroPark (VOA) – Picnic Pavilion and Restroom Project

The proposed $750,000 project will build upon the more than $12 million already invested in VOA MetroPark, providing a 200-person capacity picnic pavilion and restroom building.

The park system is requesting $675,000 for the West Chester Twp. park.

Forest Run MetroPark Timberman Ridge Area Enhancement Project

This $1.13 million project will provide various amenities, including a playground and new restroom. It will also help pay to renovate a historic barn into a combination shelter and picnic/viewing terrace, adding on to previously-completed improvements that includes new driveway access, parking area and 1.3-mile paved loop trail.

The parks system is asking for $990,000 from the state capital budget.

Liberty Twp. 

Total project cost: $3,562,057

Total capital budget request: $1,016,893


This $25,000 project is for one Unmanned Aircraft System that would give the fire department the capability to assess situations more safely and efficiently without exposing firefighters to greater risks.

This would also allow Liberty Twp. to engage the BCSO and adjoining fire departments to collaborate and share drone resources. The township is requesting $17,000 from the state capital budget.


This $70,000 project would provide for nine additional Opticom signal controllers installed. On Cincinnati-Dayton Road, there are three signals that will need to have the Opticom controller installed, as well as, one intersection on Butler-Warren Road.

Upgrading these intersections allows the township to improve the response time at fire station 112.

There are five other key intersections throughout the township that the project would provide for Opticom installation.


Wilhelmina Park

The township is asking for $337,000 for the $2.5 million park development project. The plan is to develop the 56-acre property, which is comprised of 12 acres donated and 44 acres was purchased in 2002 by Liberty Twp.

Cincinnati-Dayton multi-modal connection

Cincinnati-Dayton Multi-Modal Connection: $956,940 project, $617,893 request

The $956,940 project multi-use path will provide a safe means for people to travel from Yankee Road to Liberty Way in Liberty Twp. The township is asking $617,893 from the state capital budget.

The proposed path along Cincinnati-Dayton Road will provide improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists by separating them from vehicle traffic, and providing safer crossings at all intersections.


Total project cost: $9,398,393

Total capital budget request: $3.2 million

Saving the Sorg Opera House

The Sorg Opera Revitalization Group will invest $4.39 million to renovating the theater and $5 million into the commercial building.

The Middletown group is asking for $3.2 million from the state capital budget to continue to restore the historic Sorg Opera House into a fully functioning multi-purpose cultural facility. Improvements will help the building become more self-sufficient.

Miami University

Total project cost: $12.5 million

Total capital budget request: $10 million

The Northwest Butler County College@Elm Technology, Entrepreneurship, Creativity Hub Corridor

This project is a collaboration between the Oxford Community Improvement Corporation, the city of Oxford, the Oxford Community Arts Center and Miami University, with the city of Oxford and Miami University leading the project.

State capital funds will be used to renovate an existing facility into a technology, business incubator, and resource center for the training and development of entrepreneurs. The project will provide the state and the greater Cincinnati region a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy by advancing their efforts to recruit, develop and retain talent.


Total project cost: $842,382

Total capital budget request: $635,000

Trenton Community Park Improvements

This $842,382 project will replace the park’s inadequate restroom facilities with a bigger facility, replace old and deteriorating playground equipment and construct 134 new parking spaces.

The city is asking for $635,000 from the state capital budget for improvements at Trenton Community Park. The improvements are being made due to recent popular concerts and activities in 2019, which have drawn several hundred participants at times, and some have drawn thousands.

VOA Museum

Total project cost: $1,519 million

Total capital budget request: $1.256 million

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting Facilities Improvement and Accessibility Project

This project will include a new barrier-free entrance and ADA restrooms, an HVAC system, and creating a 2,300-square-foot multi-purpose meeting and exhibit hall.

The new multi-purpose room will need ceiling treatments, new lighting, window treatment, a small stage, and audio-visual equipment.

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