Oregon District Shooting: Woman recovering in hospital thanks President Trump for visit

One of the three remaining people in the hospital following the mass shooting in the Oregon District says she wants the violence to end.

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“We all just need to stop the violence,” Brittany Jones said from her hospital bed.

Jones was shot in the hand when Connor Betts opened fire early Sunday morning. She’s had a couple surgeries to try and save her thumb, but doctors were unable to.

President Donald Trump visited Jones in the hospital Wednesday and she said she was thankful for his visit.

“I do want to thank Trump for coming down here and showing his support to the victims of the mass shooting,” Jones said.

Jones was in the Oregon District with her boyfriend of two years, Brian Pinson.

“When the shots fired, we immediately started running. I grabbed my girl’s arm and threw her to the ground,” Pinson said. “The bullets were flying right past us.”

Jones said Pinson and her family members have been by her side since the shooting happened.  She said now, more than ever, people have to be cautious when they are out in public.

“It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You could be walking out the door, no matter what state you’re in, county, it doesn’t matter,” Jones said.

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Pinson recalled the moments as the gunfire erupted, leading to chaos.

“There was a lot of people out here enjoying themselves and then all of a sudden bullets started shattering everywhere. People running for cover,” he said.  “I thought I was going to die.”

Pinson said he wrapped Jones’ hand and put her in a cop car for them to take her to the hospital.

Pinson knows Jones will survive, but the recovery process is just beginning.

“She’s strong and she’s trying to get through it the best way she can,” Pinson said.

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