Ohioans 65+ told stay home unless “absolutely necessary”

Ohioans 65 years and older are advised not to leave the home unless “absolutely necessary,” as the coronavirus outbreak spreads.

The recommendation is from Dr. Amy Acton, director of Ohio Department of Health, and the advisory was emphasized again later that day by Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County.

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“That’s unprecedented in our lifetime. But we need to take that advice. We need to implement that advice,” said Public Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper.

The information available so far shows that older adults have had higher rates of serious complications and deaths from the disease, also called COVID-19. Those with underlying health conditions such as heart disease are also at serious risk for health complications.

“We know that COVID-19 is present. We have to recognize and accept that we have community spread of this virus in our county,” Cooper said.

The key is to avoid close contact with other people outside the home. Walks and bike rides can be good activities for people who would like to leave the home without being at high risk.

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