Ohio delays new law requiring home inspectors to be licensed

A new state law that requires home inspectors in Ohio to be licensed has been delayed.

The law will now take effect April 5, The Columbus Dispatch reported. State lawmakers approved the legislation in January, and the law had been expected to take effect Nov. 1. It establishes education and skill requirements and requires applicants to pass a criminal background check. The law also creates procedures for resolving complaints between consumers and inspectors.

Inspectors can continue to work while the details are being decided, but the delay has left many newcomers to the field in a state of limbo.

“I’m frustrated for those folks who have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to file the application for a license,” said Anne Petit, superintendent of the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing.

The state has issued 634 licenses for Ohio inspectors who are already in the profession and meet certain criteria, Petit said. About 200 applications are pending.

Inspectors who don’t have the same experience must wait for rules to be set by the Ohio Home Inspector Board, which has experienced delays in appointing members, Petit said. The board will decide various aspects of the new law including what types of classes will be required to make up the 80 hours of required education for new applicants.

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