‘Fender-bender’ forces Cedar Point’s newest hybrid roller coaster to close on its first day

A “fender-bender” forced the newest roller coaster to close on its very first day open.

Steel Vengeance is the new hybrid steel-on-wood coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Early Saturday afternoon, a train car that was returning from the ride “lightly bumped” into another train parked at the loading station.

Medical personnel evaluated four riders, but they weren’t hospitalized and later returned to the park.

Steel Vengeance was closed for hours while the park investigated what happened. It reopened about an hour before the park closed for the day. Park officials turned to social media to alert parkgoers the ride would be open Sunday.


Steel Vengeance is the world’s tallest (205 feet) and fastest (74 mph) steel-on-wood hybrid roller coaster.

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