Moment of silence observed for Kettering shooting victim Ronnie Bowers

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Fairmont High School holds moment of silence at football game in honor of Ronnie Bowers.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 9:46 p.m.: The observance for Ronnie Bowers before tonight's football game (vs. Sycamore) worked toward bringing back a sense of normalcy and closure to his slaying, Kettering Fairmont Principal Tyler Alexander said.

“It has been a tough week,” he told News Center 7’s Caroline Reinwald. “Our kids have done a great job this week. Our teachers have been unbelievable. We’ve had counselors in here. We’ve made it through it. It doesn’t make it easy, but we have made it through.

“What’s important is to get the kids back to a normal atmosphere in school.”

Senior Haley Christian, who was in a French class with Bowers, said coming out to the game helps. “He wasn’t the most popular kid in school but if you knew him, he had a good heart. He was genuine. He cared for people. It’s just a sad thing that’s happened.”

Christian said she plans to attend Sunday’s memorial service at the school.

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Principal Alexander said it was difficult for him to speak about the event. The school is not coordinating the event, but school officials made the auditorium available to the family “because it’s a community event. We lost a student.”

See Reinwald’s TV story about tonight’s observance for Bowers. It will accompany this report later tonight.

Fans, players pause to remember

A moment of silence was observed tonight before the kickoff of the Kettering Fairmont football game.

The stadium fell still in remembrance of Ronnie Bowers, the junior who was declared dead Tuesday afternoon, two days after he was shot in the back of the head just after he and a small group of young people left AlterFest in a car Bowers was driving.

The shooting occurred Sunday night at Willowdale Avenue and Ackerman Boulevard, where Kettering Police Chief Chip Protsman said Bowers was an “innocent bystander.”

Three juveniles — all Kettering students — are being detained by Montgomery County Juvenile Court on felonious assault charges. Because of Bowers’ death, those charges likely will be upgraded.

A fourth suspect - 2016 Fairmont grad Miles Heizer, 18 - was jailed Monday morning on a felonious assault charge stemming from the shooting. He has since been released from the city jail.

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