A Middletown firefighter stands in front of Recker Custom Woodworks as the building burns in Middletown, Ohio, Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004. The four-story building was completely gutted by the fire. There were no injuries. Gary Stelzer/Middletown Journal

Large warehouse fire brings back memories of intense fire in 2004

The sprawling warehouse that has been vacant for decades is next to the scene of another huge fire destroyed a 100-year-old building in February 2004.

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On Sunday afternoon, Feb. 22, 2004, fire broke out in the four-story brick building that housed Recker Custom Woodworking. When firefighters arrived, just like Friday night, they found heavy smoke and fire rolling out of the building that fronted Girard Avenue.

The building collapsed just minutes after firefighters got out. Two of the department’s fire truck sustained damage from the heat and falling brick. Fire investigators said then that determining a definitive cause of the fire would be difficult due to damage to the building.

The Recker building was eventually demolished.

The fire is considered suspicious at this point because it's a vacant building, and has been empty for decades. There is no power to the building.