Chances are you haven’t heard about fogging your home to fight the flu

One local business is helping families and workplaces fight the flu.

News Center 7’s Monica Castro said when you think of fogging your home, you likely do not associate that with sanitizing your home against germs. But that’s one option to help protect your family this flu season.

Tony Norvell and his crew specialize in cleaning all sorts of things.

“We do mold, asbestos, radon, lead,” said Norvell, owner of Miami Valley Environmental Services.

He’s even cleaned up crime scenes.

But this time of year, his business is busy fogging the flu away. One room at a time, the mixture fills the area.

“We fog the curtains, we’ll fog the air,” he said.

“You can see in the light it’s barely coming out. This is what we call dry fogging.”

The products they use are EPA registered and safe, he said.

“It’s an odorless or low-odor liquid used to destroy the cell wall and the hydrogen peroxide concentration that just destroys the spores, the viruses, bacteria and kills it dead on contact,” Norvell said.

The last week of December, Public Health Dayton Montgomery County said there were 111 flu-related hospitalizations. That was five times higher than the same time last year.

The Butler County Health Department reported Tuesday that an adult has died of influenza.

Norvell said his company is busy.

“We’re doing churches, we’re doing schools, we’re doing commercial properties ...”

Families can hire his company to fog for the flu for $250, compared to a buying the professional-grade gear and products for $600. There also are other home foggers on the market.

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