Franklin officer pays for woman’s gas after mishap at gas station

A woman trying to fill her gas tank while traveling with her child had a Franklin police officer come to the rescue, helping pay for her fuel after a mishap at the pump.

“There’s a gentleman pumping the gas that I paid for and I went in and told them…I told you the wrong pump,” the woman told dispatchers right before Officer Carlos Pardue responded to the Speedway on East Second Street Sunday afternoon.

The woman said she had accidentally given the clerk $20 for gas for the wrong pump, but said the station wasn’t able to do anything to fix the issue since a manager wasn’t in.

“I don’t have any more money and I’m sitting here with my two kids. I don’t know what to do,: the woman said.

That’s when Pardue came to help and offered $20 of his own money to help fill the woman’s tank.

"That act of kindness makes me very proud of the kid (Officer) and it brought my caller to tears when she called back to tell me what happened,” said Franklin dispatcher Heather Barlow.

The woman called back after the act of kindness.

“Officer Pardue, he put $20 in my gas tank, and I just wanted him to know he didn’t have to do that.”

Pardue was recognized by the department on its Facebook page Monday.

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