Sheriff after social media rumors: Deadly shooting near Yellow Springs did not involve Dave Chappelle

After a deadly double shooting happened Wednesday near Yellow Springs property owned by Dave Chappelle, social media buzzed with concern for the nationally known comedian.

The shooting did not happen on Chappelle’s property and did not involve him, Greene County officials said in an attempt to dispel social media rumors.

A sheriff’s office representative said they were flooded with calls asking about Chappelle, who reportedly was out of the country on a comedy tour.

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Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer described the incident as a shootout that happened around 11:10 a.m. outside on the driveway of the house on Grinnell Road. Several weapons were recovered.

According to Virtual Globetrotting, Chappelle owns 39 acres of farmland in the area, which he purchased in January 2005.

Rumors that the shootout happened at Chappelle’s home spread quickly on social media, but Fischer said the comedian and his property were not involved.

A representative for Chappell, Carla Sims, told the New York Post the shooting happened about a mile away from Chappelle's property. She also noted he doesn't live there in any case.

“It did not happen at Dave’s home,” Sims told The Post. “He’s fine.”

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