Chelsey Coe still missing 2 years later: ‘She’s not forgotten,’ mother says

Shula Woodworth keeps herself busy as the Honeybee Nanny, helping people with problems -- the very mission her daughter Chelsey Coe was trying to fulfill when she went missing in Miamisburg two years ago.

>> February update: Miamisburg PD still working Coe case

Coe always had a good heart, even though she didn’t always go down the right road, her mother told News Center 7 in an interview Tuesday night from her Adams County home in southeast Ohio.

Woodworth, whose life work also involves helping people through products produced by bees, said she holds out hope that she’ll be reunited with Coe.

“She’s not forgotten,” Woodworth said.

Miamisburg police have made her feel important because they have kept her in the loop about the missing person investigation, she said. The lead investigator in the case, Sgt. Jeff Muncy, was unavailable for comment Tuesday because, police officials said, he was out of town working the Coe case.

“There’s always somebody calling in [to police] for something,” she said. “Some lead of some kind. Just seems like it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Woodworth said she turned her focus to herbs and bees because Chelsey “wouldn’t want me to sit here and shrivel up and die.”

“You would think that time would heal just a little, but it doesn’t” she said. “If I could have an answer, to know she’s either still here or not still here, I think I could be able to deal with it better.”

Until that question is answered to her satisfaction, Woodworth said she will continue trying to help people through her line of bee products.

“I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, whether she comes back or not, because I think, when she comes back, she’ll want to get into it too.”

When Coe was reported missing in the fall of 2017, she was described as a blue-eyed blonde who was 5-foot-7 and 150 pounds. She had with a "Love" tattoo on her hip and one of stars on her lower back, according to police.

If you have information you think could help police, you are asked to call Sgt. Muncy at 937-847-6612.

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