Area trio The Bundys will face a 14-year-old on NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ Here’s their story.

Credit: NBC/The Voice

Credit: NBC/The Voice

It could be tonight, or a week later, but The Bundys — the Cincinnati area-born trio on Season 16 of NBC’s “The Voice” — will battle New York City’s 14-year-old Mikaela Astel in the second televised round of the singing competition.

The performing acts were sworn to secrecy about their opponent until this weekend, which was when the Battle Round pairings were released.

But they still don’t know on which episode they’ll appear, though the first night of the Battle Rounds start at 8 p.m. today on NBC.

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The siblings also can’t say which song the two acts will perform, but Katey Bundy told the Journal-News during a Skype interview last week from her home in Chicago, “We’ve always loved this song, so that was kind of fun. It was cool to take that on with another person, and kind of work it out.”

She also said it was “a little tricky” to figure out the four-part harmony of the song.

The Bundys consist of two sisters — Megan, 31, and Katey, 28 — and a brother, Ryan, 25. All are Wyoming High School and Miami University graduates.

The Bundys enjoyed performing with Astel.


And the feeling is apparently mutual.


“The Voice” has launched the careers of many  of its contestants over nine years and 16 seasons on NBC. The Battle Rounds will last a couple of weeks, but if an act loses a battle, one of the other three coaches can “steal” that act to be on their team.

The Bundys and Astel chose to be on Kelly Clarkson’s team during the blind auditions, but received praise from all four coaches.

The Bundys have been a trio since 2012, when Ryan was still a student at Miami University, Katey had just graduated from Miami and Megan was living in Nashville. However, the siblings have sung and played together practically their entire lives, they said.


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