Waynesville moves toward 2nd street levy try

The village council is meeting tonight to discuss - and possibly take a big step toward - asking voters for the second time to approve a street levy.

In November, voters rejected, 427-361, a proposed 3-mill street levy on a ballot also featuring a local school bond issue and police levy.

On the same ballots, voters approved, 427-361, a 7-mill police levy, as well as a 4.68 mill, 37-year bond issue by only seven votes, 1,241-1,234.

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“That was 15 mills on the ballot,” Mayor Dave Stubbs said.

In May, the street levy could be alone on local ballots.

Tonight, the Waynesville council is to meet to consider asking the Warren County Auditor’s Office to calculate the projected proceeds from renewing an existing, but about to expire, 1 mill levy; and from a 3-mill levy.

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By Feb. 7, the council would need to pass a second resolution designating the millage to go on the May 8 ballot.

One mill is “barely enough to fill a pothole” and 3 mills is only enough to pay for repaving of every village street once every 50 years, Stubbs said.

“We really need 5 mills,” Stubbs said, so that the village can continue to build up reserves, including more than $1 million in the general fund, for unanticipated emergencies.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the village government center, 1400 Lytle Road, Waynesville.

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