Yellow Springs principal disputes he withheld alleged assault info

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Tim Krier

In a performance evaluation in June, Yellow Springs Superintendent Mario Basora claimed Principal Tim Krier intentionally withheld information from him about sexual assault allegations from a student.

Krier, who disputes Basora’s claims in his response to the evaluation, is on paid administrative leave until his resignation goes into effect in April 2019. He will continue to receive his full salary and benefits until then or when he finds other employment in education, according to the Aug. 30 separation agreement approved by the school board.

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Through a public records request, the Dayton Daily News obtained Krier’s most recent job performance evaluation, which was signed by both Krier and Basora at the end of June.

Basora gave Krier “skilled” or “accomplished” ratings in four of five criteria, but gave him the lowest score for the standard relevant to school operations, resources and learning environment, according to the evaluation.

Basora noted in the new evaluation that in last year’s evaluation Krier was directed to focus on “better judgment in decision-making and communicating vital information to the superintendent,” according to the evaluation.

“Overall, communication has been a theme for Tim that has appeared in refinements for him in each of his past two annual evaluations,” Basora’s evaluation reads.

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Basora referred to an investigation into sexual assault claims from a student in March. Those details were redacted from the evaluation “for personally identifiable student information,” according to the Yellow Springs schools public records clerk.

Basora concludes that instead of “communicating critically important information … he chose to intentionally withhold the information from the superintendent,” according to the evaluation.

Krier submitted a written response to the evaluation, disagreeing with Basora’s claims “both in principle and in fact,” according to the evaluation.

Information again was redacted from the evaluation that refers to details of the student’s sexual assault allegations.

“At no time did I fail to comply with my mandatory reporting duties or, more specifically, any board policies,” Krier’s response reads. “It appears that incorrect conclusions have been drawn … the inclusion of this erroneous or misleading information in my performance evaluation forces me either to let stand these factual falsehoods or respond in a public forum … which would necessitate a lengthy explanation of the facts and disclosure of highly sensitive information about the actions of the students and families involved that ought not be divulged in this context.”

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Despite their disagreement about the evaluation, Krier is to receive a letter of reference from Basora, a stipulation in his separation agreement with the district.

Basora issued a statement after the school board’s approval of the agreement stating that the investigation into the student’s sexual assault claims shows that Krier “did not violate his legal obligation to report allegations of abuse or neglect to appropriate outside authorities (local police or Children Services).”

“The investigation further made clear that the board of education and superintendent first learned of the alleged incidents of student sexual harassment and assault in March 2018 and took immediate and appropriate action to investigate the matter and ensure student safety,” Basora’s statement reads.

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A charge of attempted felonious assault will be filed against a juvenile as a result of the investigation into the March sexual assault claims at Yellow Springs High School, according to Greene County Prosecutor Nicole Burke.

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