Springboro 12-year-old faces expulsion for school dance threat

A 12-year-old Springboro school boy who admitted making false alarms prompting police to lock down a junior high dance in November is suspended with a recommendation for expulsion.

On Thursday morning, school officials specified the boy’s status with the district in response to questions Wednesday after he admitted to the charge during a hearing in in Warren County Juvenile Court.

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Judge Joe Kirby ordered the boy, who lives in Clearcreek Twp., to return to court on Jan. 29 for sentencing.

“The suspension of the student was immediate after the incident occurred, then the recommendation for expulsion is determined based on the nature of the incident, through an internal investigation,” Communications Coordinator Scott Marshall said in an email.

The district will base its final decision based on district policy, last updated last January, for removal, suspension, expulsion and permanent exclusion of students, according to Marshall.

On Tuesday, Alex Jones, a special prosecutor appointed to the case, agreed to dismiss a more serious charge, inducing panic on school grounds, as well as misuse of 911.

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The boy was detained and charged the night of the dance.

The school event was disrupted by a series of 911 calls. The first two calls were hang-ups, and the third falsely claimed “someone had a gun” at the school.

On Wednesday, Kirby also ordered police to return the cell phone used in the calls to its owner.

The judge said all previous orders would remain in force.

Kirby had ordered the boy to stay away from school while awaiting a determination from the school.

Also Kirby previously ordered the parents to drop off the boy at the juvenile court center for classroom activities and participation in “treatment groups,” until the school had determined whether he would be allowed to return to class in Springboro.

He was to remain on house arrest under the supervision of his maternal grandparents while the parents are at work.

It was the latest case of a false threat involving a gun in the Springboro schools and one in a series at schools throughout the area.

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