Lebanon school worker on leave pending police probe of booster money

A Lebanon City Schools employee has been placed on leave “pending the outcome of a police investigation into an accusation made by a booster group,” school officials announced late Wednesday.

The employee, who was not named in the announcement, is currently on paid leave.

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School officials said the accusation “is financial in nature and does not involve students or taxpayer funds.”

Superintendent Todd Yohey said the employee is under investigation for “alleged financial discrepancies with one of our booster groups.”

Theft from schools and their athletic booster groups has been a repeated issue in the Dayton area.

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In Springboro, Thomas Harves was convicted in 2013 of embezzling over $400,000 from a school athletic group. In 2016, Stacy Bowling pleaded guilty to grand theft for embezzling $45,000 from St. Albert the Great Church, where she was cafeteria manager. In Centerville, Patrick McQuillan faced a 2017 court order to repay $60,677 he allegedly embezzled from the Centerville Soccer League.

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