Indianapolis veteran seeks work to pay off stolen Jeep

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A Vietnam veteran in Indiana is looking for work so he can pay off his Jeep, which was stolen while he was in rehab.

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Larry Baskins, 60, served in the Marines and was discharged in 1974. A back injury forced him to seek medical care, WXIN reported.

"I had to go to the hospital and the shots, and also medication, triggered a 'dirty drop,'" Baskins told the television station.

Baskins was still in rehab when he discovered his vehicle had been stolen.

"On April 28, while I was in rehab at Turning Point, my brother notified me that my 2009 Jeep Liberty, silver in color, which was in his care and custody, had been stolen," Baskins told WXIN.

The officer wrote down the wrong vehicle model on his police report, Baskins said, which has complicated filing insurance forms. Baskins has since obtained a correct report and has sent it to his lender.

The former military veteran said he wants to get his Jeep back and finish paying for it.

"I would take any work," Baskins told WXIN. "I work for $10 an hour. I might be 60 years old, but I'm an old Marine and I guarantee I'd give the young guys a run for their money."

To do that, Baskins needs wheels.

"Without a vehicle it's hard for me to get a job," Baskins told the television station. "I've got a list of jobs I've applied for. I probably have about 1,200 on my phone."

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