Ex-Indiana teacher charged with child seduction, drug dealing

A former Indiana high school teacher is accused of providing drugs to a student she was having a sexual relationship with, and giving  a gun and ammunition to another student who expressed an interest in committing an armed robbery.

Police said Kathryn Hagan, 38, is facing felony charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, two counts of child seduction, dangerous control of a firearm and dealing in a controlled substance.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Hagan gave a Xanax to a 17-year-old student when he dined with Hagan and her husband at the couple's home in late March. Three days later, the student returned to Hagan's home and had sex with her in a bedroom.

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Texts between Hagan and the student outline the path of the relationship. Over several days in April, the two arrange for meetings, with Hagan calling the student “super hot” and suggesting the two “call in sick on Friday and meet up at my house for the day,” according to police.

On April 7, an anonymous parent contacted Franklin Central High School officials with an allegation about the sexual relationship. The school suspended Hagan the same day, and she resigned her position, according to the Star.

Police learned that a 10-second video had been circulated around the school that appeared to show Hagan and the student having sex, according to court records. Students were apparently hoping to use the video to “get better grades from Ms. Hagan.”

A second series of texts show a conversation between Hagan and a different, 16-year-old student in which the two discuss getting a gun so the teen could “take care of” the potential blackmailers, according to court records.

Hagan bought a gun and ammunition shortly afterward, and passed it to the 16-year-old, police records indicate.

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