How much does school security cost? An inside look at what one district is doing

The Franklin Board of Education reviewed its safety and security measures last week in the wake of increased attention to school safety after shootings in Florida.

As an example of what costs school districts face for security and what tasks are done, here’s a look at what Franklin has instituted for security:

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Navigate Prepared: A software system that stores all building and contact information; and safety plans and protocols. It cost the district $22,500 to set up and a fee of $6,000 a year.

Raptor Technologies: Scanning software purchased for all buildings that alerts administration to questionable visitors by scanning of driver's license. The district pays a yearly fee of $12,800.

Public School Works: Provides online software that provides administration of safety and compliance programs for the entire staff. The yearly fee is $9,345 and the district has spent $46,725 over the past five years.

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Safety Vestibules: These building checkpoints have been installed in four of the buildings and plans are being made to have them installed in four more buildings. The district spent an estimated $75,000 in parts, materials and labor to install the first four vestibules.

Security cameras: Currently Anthony Wayne, Junior High School, Pennyroyal, Atrium Stadium, and High School (seperate server) are monitored by cameras. Planning and budgeting to equip remaining buildings. The district has paid Cincinnati Alarm $60,951 over the past five years and purchased client software to install at Franklin Police Department, allowing them to remotely access all of cameras.

MARCS button: All buildings equipped with panic button to alert all Warren County law enforcement agencies should there be an emergency.

Continuing training: The district works with other Warren County school districts about security issues; participates in tabletop exercises with authorities; conducts ALICE Training (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate); conducts mandated drills; security badges and badge readers for employees to use to enter builds which all exterior doors are locked at all times.

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