GMC drops hints about electric Hummer pickup with help from LeBron James

GMC will reveal details of its eagerly awaited Hummer electric sport truck later this year, when the 1,000-horsepower four-door pickup is officially unveiled, but the automaker dropped hints recently about features like “crab mode” and “adrenaline mode.”

And a brief video narrated by NBA superstar – and former Hummer H2 owner – LeBron James shows outlines of the pickup and an electric SUV Hummer will build alongside it.

“Evolving, imagining, seeing the world not as it is but how it could be,” James narrates as the video shows workers developing the new Hummer. “That’s how true greatness is realized. That is how you change the world.”

GMC will begin taking reservations for the electric pickup, which promises to deliver extreme performance on and off-road, at an unspecified date between now and the end of 2020. Production begins in fall 2021 at General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which is being converted to build exclusively electric vehicles.

The unveiling – which will provide the first detailed look at a crew cab pickup with looks that recall popular, but controversial Hummer SUVs of the early 2000s – will take place sometime before the end of 2020. GMC will show the SUV later, closer to when it will go into production.

GMC says the pickup should have a range of about 400 miles. Features will include the latest version of GM’s Super Cruise system for hands free highway driving.

GMC’s clearly looking to steal some of Tesla’s thunder with terms like crab mode and adrenaline mode to compete with the EV-only startup’s “insane mode” for maximum performance.

GMC’s not providing any details, but it’s safe to assume:

  • Crab mode will maximize the Hummer’s maneuverability and off-road ability, using its multiple electric motors to give all four wheels tailored traction.
  • Adrenaline mode is likely to be for on-road performance, including the 3-second 0-60 mph sprint GMC promised earlier this year.

The brief video teases other features that will presumably be explained when GMC shows the vehicle:

  • Super fast-charging
  • Ultravision cameras
  • Infinity roof
  • Modular sky panels