Fitness studio franchise opens new location in West Chester

The Exercise Coach is opened in West Chester Twp. on June 2. CONTRIBUTED
The Exercise Coach is opened in West Chester Twp. on June 2. CONTRIBUTED

A franchise fitness studio has opened a new location in West Chester Twp.

Area residents Billy Cottle and Veronica Sterling opened The Exercise Coach at 8104 Beckett Center Drive studio on Wednesday.

“The exercise machines actually adjust to a person’s strengths and weaknesses in real time, thereby helping them get the most out of their workout and avoid injury,” said Billy Cottle. “That’s why it’s ideal for people with limited time to work out or who are concerned about getting injured.”

As a husband-and-wife team, Cottle and Sterling said they are passionate about fitness and have always led active lifestyles. Cottle has been a marketing manager at HubSpot, a Boston-based tech company, for two years, while Sterling has been a real estate strategist at Liberty Mutual for five years.

Cottle’s first business venture was a nutritional supplement store in Lima, Peru. The couple plans to continue working in their current full-time jobs, alongside of opening The Exercise Coach.

“Some benefits of the program include increased energy, strength, range of motion and the benefits associated with many types of exercise such as weight loss, reduced risk for various types of cancer and reduced risk of diabetes. Also, although we do provide cardio in every workout, our primary focus is on strength training,” Cottle said.

The business operates by appointment, and the owners focus on two aspects they say are unique there: individualized attention and proprietary equipment.

“The reason we’re able to offer a full body, comprehensive workout in just two 20-minute workouts per week is that the workouts are designed to be very efficient. We can accomplish that thanks to our high-tech Exerbotics machines. So, it is quality over quantity. Clients are neither wasting their time nor hurting themselves,” Sterling said.

The owners say The Exercise Coach can appeal to busy residents who don’t have time to visit the gym five to seven days per week. The studio also appeals to people over age 40 who may have a pre-existing injury that they don’t want aggravated by traditional fitness equipment, they said.

“We also attract people who maybe haven’t worked out in a while and are overwhelmed by typical exercise machines,” Sterling said.

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