Firearms manufacturer expanding in West Chester: What to know

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, West Chester Twp. is seeing commercial growth hold steady and businesses expanding.

Faxon Firearms, a manufacturer of firearms and components out of Forest Park, is expanding into West Chester, moving into an existing building on Le Saint Court and adding 15 jobs. The total investment is estimated at $3.7 million.

Brothers Bob and Barry Faxon have been in business for 40 years and started the firearm business in 2012. They are expanding again with new product lines. They are adding 16,000 square feet to the facility for a total of 42,000 square-feet.

“My brother and I could not be more excited about the continued expansion of the Faxon Firearms Brand. The success that we share with our team members as well as our customers is a testament to what this country stands for,” said Bob Faxon, president at Faxon Firearms. “We wish to extend our deep appreciation to our loyal and growing customer base who have supported us beyond our expectations.”

Aaron Wiegand, the township’s community development director, said the township’s commercial growth has stayed on track during the pandemic, and it is not unusual that businesses are taking a chance in this shaky economy.

He said through September, his department has issued 783 building permits (177 of them commercial), compared to 737 last year (198 commercial) and that “last year was a huge year for us, honestly.”

“The things that we’re seeing now, businesses plan far in advance for their expansions and relocations,” Wiegand said. “We’re certainly seeing the results of planning that happened long before the pandemic ever hit. We’re cautiously viewing more into the future for the actual impact of the pandemic."

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