Family adopts baby raccoon after fallen tree uncovers den

A London, Ky., family knew the high winds on Monday may cause damage to their home, but they didn’t figure on gaining a new family member when another home lost its roof, too.

"Honestly, the wind was blowing so hard," Misty Hunter told WYMT. "I heard it ... I seriously thought that we had been hit by a tornado. Like, it shook the whole house when it fell."

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The tree fell close to where Hunter and her two kids were taking shelter from the storm. But it was what her fiance Ceph Westfelt saw later that shocked the family.

“There was a ‘coon looking at me. It was peeking up like ‘what just happened?,” Westfelt said. “’Cause he just lost the roof of his house, too.”

The raccoon left behind a baby, which the family brought in and called Timber. They are nursing him to health while they hope to find a rehab center that can help the kit get back to nature.

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