Woman sues landlord, claims cat was poisoned with antifreeze

An Oregon woman is suing her landlord, claiming her cat was poisoned with antifreeze.

The Oregonian reported Sarah Horton, of Portland, filed a lawsuit last week in Multnomah County Circuit Court, in which she says landlord Gerard LaMaita poisoned her Persian mix cat, Mylo, with antifreeze.

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According to the suit, Mylo died Feb. 17, 2018. Days before, the suit said, LaMaita entered Horton's apartment multiple times without giving the required 24-hour notice. The suit says video taken from Horton's apartment shows LaMaita and a woman, Rebecca Mairs, were seen going into the apartment when Horton wasn't there.

The lawsuit says Horton moved into the unit in January 2018. LaMaita had been complaining about the smell of cat urine, and continued to do so after Horton said Mylo was neutered and in good health.

Mylo died at 11 months old, the suit said. After his death, the suit said, Horton found antifreeze in the basement of the apartment.

"Despite the significant layer (of) dust, a fresh hand print was on the bottle, to indicate recent use," the suit said, adding that Mairs was in the basement and LaMaita was in Horton's apartment two days before Mylo died.

In a YouTube video description posted by Horton, she claims LaMaita entered the apartment with poised cat food and left it in the food dish.

Horton, who has since moved out of the apartment, is suing for thousands of dollars in damages and attorney’s fees.

LaMaita would not respond to requests for comment from The Oregonian.

The lawsuit, obtained by the publication, can be read here.

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