T-shirts spread Butler County health commissioner’s message: ‘Stay the heck home’

During message to the public, Butler County General Health District Commissioner Jennifer Bailer has encouraged residents to “stay the heck home” to battle the spread of the coronavirus. Now there are more ways to share that message.

Jamie Baker of JJ Artistic Design made a T-shirt with the phrase that Bailer began wearing at livestreamed briefings. The T-shirt quickly became a key piece for a social media campaign, #StaytheHeckatHomeBC.

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“Butler County has been doing such a great job staying at home in order to keep our numbers of COVID-19 cases low and our curve as flat as possible, that I wanted a way to continue to encourage everyone to keep up the great work. Our citizens are literally saving lives,” Bailer said

Now the T-shirt has a sequel, “KEEP Staying the Heck at Home, Butler County!” It first appeared at a press conference last week.

“It is good to have community partners all working together towards the same goal. Hopefully people will want to wear this T-shirt, or share the logo to let others know that they are on board” Bailer said.

Two of Bailer’s young neighbors in Oxford, Kaylyn and Molly Macechko, have spread the message by wearing their own pastel T-shirts and creating positive messages via chalk art during their break from Talawanda schools.

“They use sidewalk chalk to convey health messages and just uplifting messages … they canvas our entire driveway, “said Amy Macechko, mother of the sixth-grader and third-grader.

“They also went to every person’s house on our street and the adjoining street and wrote a message in front of everyone’s driveway … I love that they are spreading positive messages.”

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Macechko said Bailer was getting messages from her daughters in front of her house and while out walking in the neighborhood.

Baker, a graphic designer, works from her home in Butler County.

“I initially created the design to help spread the stay at home message. It was exciting to see the health commissioner wearing my T-shirt on Facebook. Adding the second shirt was my way of helping to flatten the curve,” Baker said

T-shirts are available for purchase on Baker’s website, www.jjartisticdesign.com, or the JJ Artistic Design Facebook page, www.facebook.com/jjartisticdesign.

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