Police rescue puppy locked in car in 90-degree heat

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Puppy Rescued From Hot Car in Ohio, Owner “Will Never Get It Back”

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Police in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, rescued a tiny puppy locked in a cage in a hot car before it was too late.

According to the Sagamore Hills Police Department Facebook page, a neighbor was walking their dog Wednesday when their pup pulled toward the vehicle. When the resident noticed, they contacted police. Officer Ellis and Officer Pistone arrived to find the puppy locked in a cage under a blanket.

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“They rescued this little one from inside a locked vehicle,” the post from Police Lieutenant Brian Piekarski said. “The puppy was in a locked cage, under a suffocating blanket, INSIDE a locked car, in the 90° weather! That means the inside of the car, especially UNDER a blanket, it was MUCH MUCH HOTTER!”

According to the post, the alleged owner of the puppy came out as officers attempted to get the pet.

“While our officers were rescuing the puppy, the ‘owner’ came out to inform them that the puppy was fine as they were ‘checking on it every hour,’” Piekarski said. “WHAT?!? Most people know the interior of a car goes up 20-40 degrees on a hot day within MINUTES!”

The puppy was rushed to Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital for treatment. At the time of the post , the puppy remained in the hospital for observation.

The alleged owner was cited for cruelty to animals and will not get the puppy back, Piekarski said.

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