Man accused of kidnapping, torture connected to 2017 Dayton homicide

A man is accused of kidnapping another man and keeping him in a dog cage.

Christopher Edwards is in jail facing felonious assault and kidnapping charges.

Clearcreek Twp. police said his alleged victim broke out of Edwards’ home and stole an ambulance to escape.

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News Center 7 learned that Edwards knew the victim of another violent crime in the Miami Valley.

It was a homicide that happened about two years ago.

Edwards' girlfriend at the time, Brittany Russell, was shot and killed in Dayton.

Curtis Burdette and Brandon Carr were convicted in her death in 2018.

Edwards was not charged in the case or named as suspect.

Clearcreek Twp. police said in the kidnapping case, Edwards’ victim drove himself to Dayton Children’s Hospital in a stolen ambulance Saturday afternoon.

They said it was part of the 22-year-old man’s attempt to get away from Edwards.

He told police he was able to break out of the house he claimed Edwards was keeping him in and run right across the street to the fire house on Lytle Five Points Road.

So far, Edwards is the only person facing charges, but court documents say he had the “assistance of others.”

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We are working to confirm whether police are looking for any other suspects in the case.

When police told News Center 7 Edwards was the suspect, we realized we had interviewed him before.

He spoke to us in May 2017 after his girlfriend was shot and killed in her car with her baby in the backseat.

“It's a great thing they got the guy because he won't be able to do that to any other families,” Edwards previously told us. “And he's off the street, he's not gonna hurt anybody else.

“But in the same sense though, it's not a great thing because my kids lost their mom. Haven ain't gonna have her mom, her other sister ain't gonna have her mom anymore. Like it's just messed up.”

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The man in the kidnapping case told police he was held captive in the home for “several days.”

We’re continuing to check if any area police departments had a missing persons case involving this victim.

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