‘Dazed, confused’ grandmother charged with child endangering

A 55-year-old Middletown woman was charged with child endangering after she didn’t know the whereabouts of her 9-year-old granddaughter, who was missing for six hours.

Janelle Spurlock was charged last week after Middletown police were called to a residence in the 1600 block of Lawn Avenue. Police were called to the residence on a report that a woman was overdosing.

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When police arrived, one woman was being treated by Middletown paramedics.

Police interviewed Spurlock in the residence and she appeared to be “dazed and confused,” and was stumbling around the apartment, according to the police report. Spurlock told officers she mixed klonopin and nuerontin, purchased illegally off the street, according to the report.

Police asked Spurlock about her granddaughter, and after changing her story, she said she saw the little girl at 2:15 p.m., six hours before police and paramedics arrived, the report read.

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Witnesses interviewed by police said they saw the girl, wearing a swimming suit and carrying a pool noddle, get into a white car and the car drove away at “normal speed.” They said it appeared the girl wasn’t forced into the car.

Police checked Spurlock’s cellphone and she had missed calls from her brother, who lives in Somerset, Ky. He told Middletown police he didn’t know where the girl was and he hadn’t been in Ohio recently.

The girl later was found sleeping in the home of a family friend in Trenton. Butler County Children Services was notified and the girl was removed from her grandmother’s custody and placed with her uncle, according to the report.

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