Crews preparing Middletown for next week’s filming of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’

With filming slated to begin on Monday morning pre-production work is already underway in Middletown at various sites for the upcoming “Hillbilly Elegy” movie.

Andy Lipschultz of the production company said the Atlanta portion of filming “Hillbilly Elegy” will be completed on Friday.

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Crews have been working in Middletown since Monday as they transform various properties and homes at several locations in Middletown for the movie.

Some streets have been blocked by police and private security to ensure there are no interruptions as they create the sets. Residents can access their homes, but those who do not have business or live on that street won’t be permitted to get any closer than the perimeter.

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Middletown police posted a message to Facebook on Tuesday asking residents to “respect the set.” The message said that police “will be providing lots security in uniform & plain clothes all over the set locations.”

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“We ask all of you if you’re looking for your big break, instead of trying to enter the set, filming area or disregard security to get noticed, send in a headshot to Hollywood … We are pretty sure something like this will get the attention that you seek from movie directors everywhere. Remember, they are trying to do a job and we are also so please respect the process. We will have security everywhere. Glamour shots are the way to go. Respect the set,” according to the Facebook post.

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Film crews will be working on eight streets in the city during the four-day shooting schedule in Middletown. About 125 people will be working on the Middletown film shooting.

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Academy Award winner Ron Howard is directing the film adaptation of “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” that was written by J.D. Vance about growing up in Middletown and in Jackson, Ky. The memoir was a bestseller released in 2016.

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Netflix purchased the film rights for $45 million in a heating bidding war earlier this year.

“Hillbilly Elegy” will feature several major film stars that include Amy Adams, Glenn Close and Gabriel Basso.

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