Coronavirus: New retail compliance dashboard available

A new dashboard is available showing retail compliance to the public health order requiring retailers to enforce masking wearing in their stores.

The Retail Compliance Unit, which was created through the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, inspects retail stores to ensure that they are following the health order.

Business in violation will receive a warning for their first offense. After a second offense, the store is required to close immediately for up to 24 hours to allow any possible coronavirus droplets to dissipate.

The dashboard will be updated on Thursdays and include data from Monday through Sunday of the previous week as well as cumulative data.

It includes information on the numbers of customers properly waring masks, employees properly wearing masks, businesses with correct signage, businesses without social distancing violations, warnings issued and businesses ordered to close.

The dashboard does not name the retailers or the counties where they are located.

So far, the Ohio Department of Health has not ordered any stores to temporarily close as a result of the order.

The Retail Compliance Unit visited 230 stores in 31 counties in the last week and only issues one warning. More than 94% of customers and staff were properly wearing masks and 93% of the businesses had proper signage posted. A reported 97% of retailers visited did not have social distancing infractions.

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