Butler County taxpayers to see lower bills after board gives back $3.6M

Butler County taxpayers will see a reduction on their tax bills next year now that the Board of Developmental Disabilities has agreed to rollback $3.6 million of its tax collections.

With cash reserves at 149% of its annual budget, the board voted on Thursday to make the tax cut and give taxpayers on average $17.50 back on $100,000 of valuation. Superintendent Lisa Guliano said services will not suffer as a result of the tax break.

“Our agency has grown substantially in the number of people with developmental disabilities for whom we coordinate and provide services,” she said. “Those services are our utmost priority. At the same time, we recognize the importance of keeping a balanced budget while striving to be good stewards of tax dollars.”

The board doesn’t provide direct services to its 3,700 clients, it contracts out the support.

The board is planning on spending about $26.3 million next year and will garner around $26.2 million in revenues. The board will begin the year with around $38 million in cash, hence the rollback.

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