Butler County school funding: How much more money would your district get in the new plan?

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This week on WHIO Reports we focus on issues in the statehouse for 2019. News Center 7's Jim Otte hosts.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Two Ohio lawmakers on Friday released the details of their new two-year school funding proposal, calling for an extra $718 million in state funding over the next two years.

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Rep. Robert Cupp (R-Lima) and Rep. John Patterson released a simulation of their proposal, which features district-level and statewide costs for implementing the new plan.

The simulation shows state foundation funding for schools growing from $6.85 billion for FY 2019 to $7.24 billion in FY 2020. Spending on foundation funding would increase to $7.57 billion under the plan in FY 2021.

Rep. Cupp said in a statement a new formula is needed because the majority of school districts currently receive either more or less money than the existing formula prescribes.

“Fair School Funding works for Ohio’s students, educators, taxpayers and economic future. It’s based on what it actually costs to educate students, what taxpayers can afford, and what local school districts determine will work in their communities,” he said. “The current formula doesn’t apply to 82 percent of Ohio school districts.

“The new formula works for over 85 percent of the districts. No district will lose money.”

New school funding proposal

A bipartisan proposal to change state funding for schools will be considered by the state legislature this spring. No district would see funding decrease, but increases would vary widely.

District2018-19 net state
funding per pupil *
% change
18-19 to 19-20
% change
19-20 to 20-21
Edgewood$4,828 10.8%7.3%
Fairfield$3,570 10.1%4.9%
Hamilton$7,468 2.8%1.9%
Kings$1,967 21.8%14.8%
Lakota$2,946 3.1%2.2%
Madison$6,302 3.7%2.5%
Mason$3,407 0.9%0.1%
Middletown$4,944 18.1%15.0%
Monroe Local$2,755 33.9%21.3%
New Miami$10,541 7.6%6.9%
Ross$3,917 7.9%3.2%
Talawanda$2,664 4.9%2.1%

* -- The "net state funding" number in this chart factors out pass-through money for charter and voucher students, among other categories.

SOURCE: Ohio Fair School Funding Plan

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